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The Un-Coiler - Improves Safety

With the Un-Coiler wire decoiler equipment, you can use wire bundles, carriers, or reels up to 5,000 lbs. (2268 kg). Operators do not have to lift individual bundles. They can place these larger loads with a forklift or crane. We also provide devices to secure the loads. Individual bundles can be kept in the middle of the table with center keeping devices, which we offer in different sizes. Wire carriers are held in place with our wire frame retaining kit. The retainer passes through the center of the wire load, threads into the center of the table and is then tightened down from the top with a threaded fixture. This retainer is particularly helpful as loads get smaller and lighter.
To further prevent accidents resulting from loads slipping off the Un-Coiler, the table surface is non-slip material. The table may be equipped with a metal ring or basket, which keeps wire loops from falling to the floor. The unit itself is stable. The load weight is supported at multiple points on the outside edge of the table and withstands uneven loading and bumps from forklifts. To keep the entire Un-Coiler from shifting during high speeds, customers may secure it to the floor with its bolt-down feet.

The Un-Coiler - Slashes Coil Changeover Time

The Un-Coiler - Slashes Coil Changeover TimeThe Un-Coiler wire coil handling equipment’s ability to accommodate large loads, as opposed to individual bundles, in one of its most productivity-enhancing attributes. Larger loads last longer, for one thing, so you make fewer changes per shift. And when you do make a coil change, using lifting equipment is faster than relying on human, strained muscles. Once the load is secured on the table, it’s just a matter of running the wire through the control head guides and into the next device in the line. We offer three types of control heads for wire payoff applications. Our Basic Control Head consists of two sets of fixed wire guides to allow one or two loops of wire, depending on your production speed. Ceramic bushings are on each end of the guides and in the center to avoid wire marring and cutting that can occur with metal-to-metal contact. Our Breakaway Control Head has all the features and benefits of the basic, with the addition of spring loaded wire guides that pull out under excessive pull force to allow the wire to run free and prevent damage to the feed rolls and the Un-Coiler. Our third type is the Dual Rod Breakaway Control head, which has all the attributes of the other two, except it has two rods which add more stability to the control head, keeping it stable under high speeds. The wire guide assembly provides an adequate, adjustable distance between the wire loops to prevent tangling and provides the breakaway feature. This head is also designed to accommodate heavier gage wire. With all of our control heads, we offer a choice of spring guide flexibility and tension, to our wire payoff system. Our applications engineers will help you determine the best setup for your applications.