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The Un-Coiler - Coil Stock ApplicationsThe Un-CoilerFlat Strip Pallet Decoilers for Coil Stock Applications


The Un-Coiler slashes downtime

The Un-Coiler Slashes Downtime

The design and functionality of the Un-Coiler flat strip pallet decoiler allows operators to change coils more quickly. Once an Un-Coiler is loaded, the operator simply guides the first coil around the drum and into the production machine’s feeding mechanism – an operation that takes about five minutes. When the top coil runs out, the operation is repeated on the next coil and so on. Those five-minute intervals multiplied by the number of coils on a pallet add up to a fraction of the time it takes to change coils on single coil systems.  There’s no replenishment and hoisting time between coil changes. Further, thanks to the Un-Coiler’s superb tension control, it helps to reduce misfeeds and tool breakage, another dramatic timesaving feature of the pallet decoiler.

The Un-Coiler pallet decoiler is gentle on metal

The Un-Coiler is Gentle on MetalThe Un-Coiler is easy on all materials. Even soft metals like brass and copper can be uncoiled and fed without causing edge damage and scrap, with our coil handling equipment.Lifting vertical coils can crimp the bottom edge of strip material. Slings and hooks can cause damage, too, and all the pulling and tugging can make the coils more egg-shaped than round! Not so with the Un-Coiler. First, there’s no manual coil handling.

Second, the smooth table rotation eliminates the pulling effect and material marring that can occur with unpowered un-coilers. Plus, for highly polished, painted or other nicely finished materials, we offer a urethane guide drum for the utmost protection.In the rare event of excess tension in the coil loop, the unit is designed to initiate an emergency stop. When that occurs, a safety interlock circuit is engaged, which shuts the production machinery down instantaneously.

The Un-Coiler improves safety

The Un-Coiler flat strip pallet decoiler Improves Safety

Many coil handling equipment and methods, such as vertical reels, cradles, and pan-types are not only time-consuming,but also physically straining. These inefficient methods accommodate only one coil at a time. When coils need to be changed, the operator has to hunt down another coil (or get one from the stack of coils cluttering the work area) and spend several minutes lifting, hoisting, and loading. Many operators wear back braces for support and leather gloves to protect from lacerations. Plus, workers expose themselves to the possibility of coils falling from hooks and slings and causing very serious injuries. Conversely, with the Un-Coiler from Norwalk Innovation, an entire pallet of strip stock coils may be placed on its turntable – safely and ergonomically loaded by forklift, without the need for back-braces and gloves.

The Un-Coiler - Increase the Diameter of Your Flat Coils

As an added plus, because there is no concern about lifting with the Un-Coiler, you may be able to increase the diameters of your coils, further increasing efficiency and run time. Plus, material vendors often offer a lower unit cost on larger coils, adding to your bottom line even more!

The Un-Coiler allows better labor allocation

The Un-Coiler Allows for Better Labor Allocation

The Un-Coiler requires no continuous monitoring so your operators can do more productive tasks. A full and long-lasting pallet of coils is loaded at one time, not individual coils as needed. And happily, no operator adjustment is required during production.


The Un-Coiler is versatile to meet your uncoiling needs

The Un-Coiler is extremely versatile with its ability to uncoil a variety of materials in widths from 3/8″ to 30″ and for several different applications. Flat strip stock applications include:
  • Stamping
  • Plating
  • Spiral Winding
  • Corrugating
  • Roll Forming
  • Four Slide
  • Deep Drawing
  • Cut-To-Length
The range of flat strip materials that can be uncoiled with an Un-Coiler are:
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Alloys
  • Plastics
  • Paper


  The Un-Coiler is portable

The Un-Coiler is Portable

Further, the Un-Coiler is portable. While the unit is rigid and designed to accommodate up to 10,000 lbs. (4500 kg) of material, it can be easily moved from one location to another, either rolled with our optional caster wheels or lifted by forklift. There are no permanent connecting wires to the production machine. You have directional control, as well. The Un-Coiler can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise.

…or not
To keep the Un-Coiler from shifting during very high speeds, you may choose to secure the unit to the floor with our optional, bolt-down feet.

The Un-Coiler flat strip pallet decoiler is Maintenance FreeThe Un-Coiler is maintenance-free

The Un-coiler’s patented direct rotary drive system requires no belts, gears, or clutches that need constant checking and replacing. Its low-friction caster wheel never needs lubricating. You’ll never have to put the Un-Coiler on your maintenance “to do” list.