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Optional Decoiler Features

The Un-Coiler - Optional FeaturesTo further enhance the operation and versatility of your Un-Coiler, we offer the following optional decoiler features and coil-handling equipment components:

  • Coil Lock – ID retainer secures top coil on load
  • Center Keeping Device – centers and retains coil load
  • Various Guide Drum Widths – accommodates coil stock widths from 6″ to 30″
  • Urethane Guide Drum – protects painted or polished stock surfaces
  • Chromed Steel Guide Drum – longer wearing surface
  • Table Heights – standard 14″ or 20″. Custom base heights available.
  • Bolt-Down Floor Tabs – secures unit to floor for high speed applications
  • Control Heads
    • Extra Height – handles loads greater than 40″ high
    • Extra Tension – provides greater back tension for heavier stock
    • Extra Guide Drum Travel – accommodates larger feed lengths and faster acceleration
    • Pneumatic Control Head – easier tension control adjustment through air regulator and gauge
  • Caster Wheels – for rolling unit from one location to another
  • Powered Stock Feed – for optimum loop control
  • Roller Stands/Strip Supports – supports the strip between the Un-Coiler and machine
  • Attached Powered Stock Straightener
  • Step-Down Transformers – from 480 VAC or 600 VAC
  • Non-slip Table Mat – for added pallet load security
  • Wire Guide Control – for wire stock applications
  • Regenerative Braking – standard on all models 5000 lbs. or larger; optional on CR124 and CR3542; for improved acceleration and braking in high speed applications
  • Coiled Motor Cord – alternative to standard flexible conduit
  • Table Extension Plates – increases table OD capacity to 60″ or 72″