Our Customers

Check out our Pallet Decoiler Testimonials below:

Al A., Stamping ManagerA big concern of mine… is not only that we are efficient in what we do and we get product out the door on time, but also the safety of the team members that are working here. By bringing in the Un-Coilers, with their palletized payout system, I have operators that are no longer lifting 60- or 100-pound coils… If I had to put a time on it, we are saving 11 minutes a coil change on average. On some equipment that requires 10 coil changes per day, that can add up to a lot more uptime. The palletized payout systems also put Weiss-Aug in a good position to improve its overall quality scores. The coils are no longer handled manually and exposed to slings and hooks, reducing the chance of coil edge damage. Also, because the guide drum controls the tension and rotation speed, soft metal such as brass and copper are not as likely to get marred.

Al A., Stamping Manager
Weiss-Aug Company Inc., East Hanover, NJ

The Norwalk Innovation Un-Coiler™ is very easy to install. It took us 30 minutes from the time we received it until we made the first part. 

James S., Admin
Price Industries, Dutton, MI

We can run 3 to 4 days without changing coils, and that is a great payback for us. It is a much safer way to handle coil, too.

Martin R., Purchasing Manager
CW Resources, New Britain, CT

Joe B. , AdminOur units pay for themselves in less than 6 months. We use it for bronze, brass, copper, stainless steel and aluminum, and we do not have to worry about the material being damaged by the forklifts. 

Joe B. , Admin
Anstro Manufacturing , Dutton, MI

Our production teams love the Un-Coiler. We have 45 units now, and each time we order a press, we automatically buy another Un-Coiler.

Rob P., Director of Operations
Transmatic, Inc., Waterford, MI

The Un-Coiler significantly reduces wire tangle problems which directly relate to downtime and production loss.

William B., President
Better Wire Products, Buffalo, NY

With the large capacity of the Un-Coiler, we are able to put a larger size wire carrier on the unit, and therefore we have a longer run time, which means increased production. It has also improved the quality of our products, such as our galvanized steel tubing, galvanized nails and trade wire.

Scott B., Process Engineer
Insteel Wire Products Inc., Andrews, SC